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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

Naruto Episode 59

  • "A New Enemy"edit新たな敵 (Aratana Teki)Episode dataPrevious"Loneliness"EpisodeNaruto: Shippūden #59 (Watch Online)Next"Impermanence"ArcTwelve Guardian NinjaMusicOpening"Blue Bird"Ending"Gentle Rainbow"Air datesJapanese May 15, 2008English December 15, 2010DebutJutsuEarth Release: Mutability

  • Rock Armour

  • ToolsAltering Terrain Diagram Scroll

  • TeamsFurido's 4-Man Team

"A New Enemy" (新たな敵, Aratana Teki) is episode 59 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Naruto Episode 59

Instead of rolling out another deluge of matches this week, episode 59 features only two. However, this is far from a negative, as both fights are briskly paced, somewhat important to the overarching story, and best of all, a lot of fun to watch. Cho-Cho's face-off against Shinki provides Gaara's adoptive son with the perfect opportunity to show off his powers and gives the audience a glimpse of how Cho-Cho handles herself in a real battle. As evidenced by the second fight, Shikadai is every bit as skilled as his father was at this age, and if not for his opponent's hesitant willingness to cheat, he would have easily advanced to the finals. Since the show has established Boruto and Shikadai as best friends, it should be interesting to see how the discovery of Boruto's trickery impacts their relationship.

There's been neither hide nor hair of the Otsutsukis for two solid episodes, which is making their inclusion in this storyline feel at odds with the rest of the proceedings. This isn't terribly surprising, however, since the Chunin exams constituted a lengthy arc (two lengthy arcs, if you count the terrible filler arc from Naruto Shippūden) in the parent series, and this set-up is ideal for all kinds of battles. Whereas the movie largely glossed over this phase of exams, its television counterpart is all too happy to show the audience how each match transpired.

The next fight was the main fight of the episode featuring Boruto and Shikadai as I mentioned previously. Because I had seen the Boruto movie, I knew that Boruto ends up winning this fight due to using his Scientific Ninja Tool to cheat.

The next episode will cover the second and third semi-final fights. The first one will be between Sarada of the Leaf and Araya of the Sand. Fight number two will be between Mitsuki of the Leaf and Shinki of the Sand.

The last match of the semi-finals between Mitsuki and Shinki is bound to be an entertaining on, and might not even finish in the next episode. Honestly, I was thinking originally that it was difficult to choose a winner between these two, but I believe it will be Shinki in the end.

In the final exam happening in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 58, they will be in one-on-one battles as the examinees will try their best to show what they learned from their training. The tournament rounds will also be displayed. Aside from Boruto, Shikadai will be facing Yodo of the Hidden Sand, who is known for always wearing her earphones and listening to some music. This episode will air on Thursday, May 17.

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 59, fans will also see Chocho going head-to-head against Shinki of the Hidden Sand, Spiralling Sphere noted. Chocho will do everything to defeat Shinki, who is known for her coolness and eeriness. This episode will air on May 24.

Unfortunately, no official plotline has been revealed for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 61, "Shinki, The Magnet Release User," but it will be released on June 7. The anime series' episode summaries are all official; however, its episode titles may change upon release. 041b061a72


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