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When to give Couple Promise Rings as gift and what is it a symbol of

Sapphire engagement rings are popular with women regardless of whether they're pink or yellow.

Blue sapphire ring have special significance

The CoupleSet ring has been loved by all women. Due to its timeless beauty it is among the most well-loved engagement rings to give as a present. The reason for this is simple The blue sapphire ring is associated, due to its characteristic color, with the idea of happiness and peace. This is the reason why it's normal to think that the blue sapphire ring will protect and repel misfortune for those who are given it. Blue sapphires are also considered to be a symbol of purity and loyalty which is why it's the perfect choice to ask the person you love to marry you, since it is a symbol of pure, loyal love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

The sapphire, one of the most beautiful precious stones that can be used for jewelry is the perfect stone to pay tribute to women with blue eyes. According to the ancient tradition, people who have sapphires are kind and loyal as well as in a position to resist the temptation. The chemical composition of sapphire is made up of aluminum oxide. It is the only natural element to achieve an Mohs hardness of 9. The most extensive deposits of sapphire worldwide are found in Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Madagascar However, small sapphire crystals can be found in Italy in the calcite deposits of Terminillo. Gems are typically cut into shapes like a round, oval, or heart shape. However, they may also be cut into a baguette shape or heart-shaped cut.

Not just blue, all shades of sapphire rings

While the most popular are blue, there are different shades of sapphire, including yellow, pink as well as purple, orange or green. There are rings that have yellow, pink, and blue sapphires. With regard to the latter, they are usually constructed of white gold which complements yellow. On the other hand, rings with pink sapphires are ideal for women who love romance. The cost varies based on different characteristics, starting from the material used for the ring, moving on to the carats in the stone and the inclusion or absence of diamonds around the band. Prices for the cheapest versions vary between 300 and 400 euros. However, they can reach 10 000 euros if they are signed by a major fashion house.


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