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Isaiah Bennett
Isaiah Bennett

Hate Like Ours By Nikita

My life has never been perfect, but it used to be simple.That changed in the blink of an eye when my mom decided to move us to Riverside.It was supposed to be a new start for us, and it was.Only it wasn't one I was expecting. The simple life I knew before ceased to exist.Knox Riverside...The town's golden boy took one look at me and decided he hated me, turning everyone against me as he stood by and watched his minions make my life a living hell.I didn't know his reasons for hating me, but slowly as the torment went on, I became a shell of my former self.And things will get worse when he finds out the news that he's going to be my stepbrother soon and I'm not ready for that.But by the time he decided to change his mind, I was already too far gone in my attempt at self-destruction.Because hate like ours might only end with death.

Hate Like Ours by Nikita


In the course of further conversation at his own initiative Fidel Castro touched on the question of his plans for a trip to the Soviet Union. He talked much on this subject, stressing that he anticipates to accomplish this desire of his in the spring or summer of this year. Fidel Castro continued, I would like the majority of my stay in the Soviet Union to be devoted to the study of the experience of managing agriculture. Fidel Castro said, I am especially interested in your achievements in the virgin lands, the organization of state farms there, and all the problems associated with opening up these lands. In this connection he again began to develop the idea regarding sending approximately 1000 young Cubans to our state farms in order for them to adopt the work experience there, study the language, and then become active leaders of the Soviet experiment in Cuba. 041b061a72


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