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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

Parents need to know that Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown is a 2011 movie in which four young men from different walks of life decide to compete in an MMA "beatdown." It's not a direct sequel to the 2008 Never Back Down. It should surprise no one that there's constant MMA-style violence: punching and kicking, boxing and wrestling, blood and broken bones. There's also brief female nudity (breasts), and a sex scene in which all private parts are strategically covered by long hair or camera angles. When it's discovered that the father of one of the fighters came out of the closet as gay and left his family because of it, jokes and references to homosexual stereotypes and anal sex are made at the fighter's expense, shown to be an easy way to get him riled up, and while there seems to be some acceptance toward the end of his father, there's a general intolerance on display throughout the movie. There's constant profanity, including regular uses of "f--k" and its variations. A severely drunk man outside a strip club attacks the owner, dancers, and clientele with a broken bottle. Overall, this is a low-budget movie best enjoyed by fans of MMA.

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

To me, Life is like Martial Arts. You block, attack, grab, punch, kick, block...never back down, never turn your back on your problems, face them head on. And be accepting and be fluid. In this day and age, if you are 'tough', 'hard' and set in your ways, you will become that block of wood that breaks easily with the right technique and right amount of force.

The immolations were a gift to the authorities. China's newspapers and TV screens were covered with grisly images of smoldering human forms. Suddenly, the "evil cult" looked genuinely sinister. In South China, 1,200 miles from Beijing, the incident gave a typical follower pause. The young man, an artist, had tried to preserve his faith. Though he had put his thumbprint on a police document promising never again to practice Falun Gong, privately, he continued meditating and gliding through the exercises at home. The deaths shook his belief. "I thought, 'It's wrong for people to do that, for any reason,'" he recalls. He no longer practices. The Communist Party's most ingenious weapon has been its "responsibility system." According to an internal party document seen by TIME, for each protester who reaches Beijing, "all levels of government leaders, police, neighborhood cadres, work units and family members must receive punishment." Bosses face fines or demotions when their workers protest. Worse, police officers face heavier penalties for allowing people under their watch to demonstrate than for beating them to death. Although foreign companies often provide havens for practitioners, many comply with the authorities' demands. Indiana-based Cummins Inc., for example, followed government orders to investigate workers at its Beijing engine factory and issued a document to the police stating that nobody practiced Falun Gong. Had it found Falun Gong followers, says a company spokesman, "the government would have wanted us to report them, so we would have [done so]." Nor is Cummins alone. Chen Gang began working in 1996 for Carlsberg Brewery, the Danish firm that produces one of China's most popular beers. Police last year sentenced him to a year in a Beijing prison for practicing Falun Gong, and relatives say he was tortured when he refused to disavow his beliefs. Chen is due for release this week. He needn't bother asking for his old job back. "If a person can't work, then we have to find someone else," explains Wang Hong, head of human resources for Carlsberg. Yet for all its success in breaking the movement, the government has not yet addressed the sense of spiritual emptiness that gave birth to Falun Gong. Incense smoke flows thick in Buddhist temples across China, and the number of Christians has increased tenfold, to roughly 40 million, since the communists first swept to power. Even Liu Shujuan, the apostate who now leads others away, seems ambivalent about her conversion. "It's hard to say," she replies when asked whether she would still practice had the government not banned Falun Gong. Pause. A glance at her government minders. "I think it's still better not to."

Team to avoid:Ravens. We know how much success the Pats have spreading out and exploiting the Steelers. They just delivered a dissertation on exposing the Jets' flaws. Old foes like the Colts and Chargers could be watching the playoffs from home. The Ravens took the Pats down to the wire in the 2009 regular season, blew them out in the 2009 playoffs, but managed to blow a lead and fall in overtime in Foxborough a few weeks back.

I've been waiting for reality to hit home here all season. They don't run the ball nearly as well as last year. They don't play defense or attack the quarterback nearly as well, either. And after playing turnover-free ball for the first five weeks, Mark Sanchez has regressed to 2009 levels. Injuries are mounting and that loss to the Patriots could haunt them. I don't have a good feeling. They could take down a Jacksonville or Kansas City, but I don't see them besting elite defenses like Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

Teams to avoid:Eagles/Saints. Philly is the only team that has physically dominated the Falcons. That was a beatdown. Facing Michael Vick in the playoffs would be tricky. I don't like that matchup. Not sure you win two of three or all three against the Saints, either. Bottom line, if the Falcons get the top seed, look out. Otherwise, I have some hesitation.

The Bucks responded with a spirit they failed to show in Boston. Quickly, the Celtics grew frustrated. After 78 minutes without a turnover on his home court, Rozier (nine points, nine assists) committed four turnovers over the first 6:12. Al Horford, who bashed the Bucks in the post earlier in the series, picked up one foul trying to fight for position and another while working to back down Jabari Parker.

Top-ranked Alabama thumped what was supposed to be its top SEC challenger, pulling away in the second half. The Crimson Tide got three total touchdowns from quarterback Jalen Hurts while dispatching the Aggies. Texas A&M struck on its opening drive of the second half to move ahead, 14-13. It was all Alabama from there.

Fifth-ranked Washington scored 21 first-quarter points and never was threatened in a rout of Oregon State. Sophomore quarterback Jake Browning threw for three touchdowns and ran for a score as the Huskies compiled 519 yards of total offense.

Trailing at halftime Nebraska stiffened on defense and the offense did just enough in the second half as the Cornhuskers remained perfect. Quarterback Tommy Armstrong hit De'Mornay Pierson-El on a 40-yard slant route that went for a touchdown early in the third quarter to put Nebraska up 17-14 and energize the stadium before pulling away.

Last year it took four overtimes to determine a winner between Auburn and Arkansas. This year it took basically a half. Behind a powerful rushing attack, big plays and a stifling defense the Tigers raced out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back en route to racking up 543 yards on the ground and 632 yards of total offense.

Senior running back Joe Williams ran for a school-record 332 yards and four touchdowns two weeks after he unretired from football as Utah kept pace in the Pac-12 South with the win. Williams scored on runs of 3, 43, 64, and 55 yards as Utah stayed tied with Colorado atop the South Division.

The Broncos, who are ranked this season for the first time in school history, had their passing game clicking. Corey Davis, Western Michigan's star receiver, caught five passes for 81 yards but it was teammate Carrington Thompson that had a career game. Thompson, a redshirt senior, had 177 yards on eight catches and two touchdowns. Broncos quarterback Zach Terrell threw for 398 yards and three touchdowns on 29-of-35 passing.

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011) is about four different fighters with totally different backgrounds who come together to train under an ex MMA-star. Ultimately they all end up having to fight each other.

Mr. Skin is Beating OFF after seeing all these gorgeous gals make skintastic appearances to break up this male-heavy film. The lovely Laura Cayouette is sexy in her underwear, refusing to back down in her barely-there's. Jeanine Hill lifts up her shirt to join in on the skinful fun! The gifted Blaire Noonan plays a dancer while Gabrielle Shuff plays a stripper - it doesn't matter what they call themselves because both angels show off their asses in underwear. Blaire wears a thong that perfectly showcases her tight tush and compliments her bouncing bosom. Juicy Jillian Murray steals the show when she goes full throttle with her nudity, showing off her bare breasts and bush. Mr. Skin thinks she wins the prize in this fight for the skin! 041b061a72


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