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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

Vera Blue - [HOT]

As the emphasis of the night evolved from the supporting act to the headliner, I could not help but notice the demographic of individuals who filtered their way into the venue, and how they could not have been more visually diverse from one another. Middle aged women wearing long flowy dresses, face gems, side ponies and extravagantly large stone earrings, alternative men in their mid-twenties rocking a freshly shaven short back and sides, long beard, matched with funky specs, and young girls wearing rainbow jumpers with blue hair. Despite their aesthetic differences, one characteristic that each individual shared was their unbinding happiness which exuded upon meeting and mingling with those around them.

Vera Blue -

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Gretta Ray is a pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. She began singing in a community choir at the age of five and playing piano at eight. By 10, she was writing and performing her own music, and at 16, she made her solo debut at a small Melbourne club. She released her first demos with Josh Barber (Gotye) as an EP, Elsewhere, when she was 17. In her final year of school, she won the Triple J Unearthed High competition and released her debut album, Begin to Look Around. The album reflects on her coming of age and features a blend of folk and pop music. Gretta has also released several singles and EPs, including Here and Now and Heal You in Time. 041b061a72


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