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Isaiah Bennett
Isaiah Bennett

Unreal 3 Titan Pack Download [TOP]

Until today, very little was known about the first major expansion pack for Unreal Tournament 3. So put on your tinted infogoggles, or prepare to be lightly fact-dazzled. It's free. It's a 800MB-1GB download. It's due for a simultaneous release on 5th March, for PS3 and PC. The PS3 version will introduce the split-screen action that literally dozens of Xbox 360 owners enjoyed, and a new mod-browser for PS3 will pipe-feed users with a convenient barrage of Epic-approved tweaks and mods that have been a fundamental part of the game's history for nearly twenty years.

unreal 3 titan pack download


There are 16 new maps in the Titan Pack, including the five that were included with the 360 version. If you didn't download the free bonus pack, the three maps in that will be automatically included, too. There are two completely new gametypes, two new characters, deployables, vehicles, and absolutely no new single-player content.

But wait, there's more! The Titan Pack also packs in 57 achievement awards, which are doled out as Steam Achievements for PC users and trophies for PS3 gamers. New items, weapons, vehicles, and playable characters are also party to the download, as is the titular Titan mutator, which, when obtained, turns a player into a 15-foot-tall monstrosity that has the effects of every single power-up in the game.

Aside from downloading and installing the pack, make sure you download the ForceWare driver 177.83 or greater. These ForceWare drivers should include Physx drivers as well. Then simply select for the game to use Hardware PhysX in the menu, and choose one of the three PhysX maps (they say _PhyX at the end of the name).


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