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Isaiah Bennett
Isaiah Bennett

Clothed Pissing

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clothed pissing

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Have you ever had one of those days kinda back to back ended with the shoe on the other foot? Les and I had quite a week one week. Aunt Hilda and Uncle Pat had bought this property about two blocks down the hill from the University of California at Santa Barbara, California. I think the University had announced they would be relocating across town to what was called the Mesa. So the property which contained a sizeable number of rental units for the students at UCSB took a hit, value wise. My Aunt and Uncle had few resources, but they appeared to be hard working kind of folk and probably a little more honest than what the lender had dealt with in the past. and since there were no other offers on this big deal, the lenders shooks hands with my relatives, and with that handshake, Lester and I received a silent license to give the College Girls who rented from Aunt Hilda, a run for their rental money. The property on Loma St was damn steep. There were three houses on the property, one of which would be occupied at a later date that Hilda liked, and which she lived in for a number of years. The small house where my Mom and Dad lived is now on the tax roles, valued at over a million dollars. But the house where Les and I sort of lived was built on stilts to overcome the indignity of the steep slope, single story, with this gigantic crawl space underneath. The front of the house was composed of a large living room and adjoining dining room. Large single pane window in front of the living room and the dining room with another large window on the south side. The view was absolutely fantastic. Below, the City of Santa Barbara, to the west the Santa Barbara Channel, the Santa Barbara Islands, where Betsy Lester had spent her childhood and the Pacific Ocean which stretched out as far as a boy could see. What few ships of war there were cruised up and down the coast, on the lookout for more Japanese Submarines. One had already visited the area right after the WW2 had started. It surfaced off shore Goleta just north of Santa Barbara and fired several rounds from their deck guns in a vain attempt to blow up anything. Their luck was worse than their aim, striking an empty oil storage tank, missing a bridge but making a sizeable hole just below it and in an instant creating the first wartime tourist attraction. The Captain of the Sub had vowed to return to the area and redeem himself after suffering supreme embarrassment before the war when as a Captain of a Japanese freighter, stopped at Goleta to unload cargo. The Captain had accepted an offer to tour the area from the locals, and in the process had tripped and fallen on his ass on a large cactus. The Captain had silently vowed to return once his spy mission was completed, and after he changed from his civies and back into his military Captains Uniform would return with his Japan built U Boat and bring death, destruction, fire and whatever to the locals who laughed and enjoyed pulling thorns from his sorry ass. Captain Yoshi, succeeded with his ratty marksmanship in turning off all the nighttime lights in California and probably Washington and Oregon, that is if they had any back in those days. With the depression and all. Yoshi single handily created such a demand for heavy, dark blackout curtains that demand sparked a resurgence in the whole USA economy and probably ended the Great Depression. However, with less demand for electricity for lighting, Southern California Edison and Probably the Washington Water Power Company had to cut back on overtime for their linemen and delay purchases for new shovels until after the crisis. Oregon in 1941 was probably still using whale oil for lighting as outside lights had a tendency to blow out when it rained and rained and rained. And other than wool clothes Oregon had resisted progress, which seems to be their plan currently under effect. Oregonians had no use for outlandish claims of electricity and they were busy demonstrating as they now had to add torpedoes and cannon shells to the list of things that kill. And we all know what they think about deer rifles and B B guns. I also know that at the time of the Japanese assault on California, the Army Air Force at Oxnard launched all available air-worthy warplanes to find that "damn" sub and sink it. The one aircraft that made it aloft never returned. This part of the story is true as a friend of mine was going through pilot training at Oxnard and who took part in the alert, told me the whole story. Anyway, that is why the view from Aunt Hilda's windows overlooking the City was only good during the daytime. And Southern Cal Edison did not turn them meaning the street lights back on for five years and only when Yoshi fell on his sword. Which I am told hurt a hell of a lot more the cactus thorns. And that my friends are why the view is so crappy at night from Aunt Hilda's. It is because of the Cactus Plants growing in Goleta. Les and I tolerated one another in a small room behind the kitchen. The room was at the end of the hall which had several doors leading to the rooms the rental girls inhabited. There were probably eight of them in this building and we all shared the same bath, which was next to our lair. I had awakened in the middle of the night with a full bladder and an urgency. I carefully climbed down the ladder at the end of the bed, Les was what one would call a difficult sleeper, So besides the urgency from my bladder, I knew better than wake Les as could be a total asshole if the moon was just right. I moved across the floor like I was on wheels. My imitation of a sleep walker was absolutely unequaled. No lights, I carefully opened the bathroom door knowing that relief was probably eight steps away. The trick was to keep your eyes shut and hit the noble receptacle without pissing on the floor and most importantly make certain the lid was up. I pulled the drawstring on my pajamas. They fell to my ankles and I dropped my shorts in much the same manner. Now if my middle of the night navigating was precise, and bending at the waist I could do the closed eye lid check. That's really weird, I opened my eyes and I was eye to eye with a college rental girl, my exploring hand had gone between her legs. I jumped back, tripped on my pajamas and fell flat on my ass mumbling something about the door not being locked. She said something, I remember her telling me I did not have to leave and instructed me to sit on the clothes hamper, she would only be a minute. Like a good boy, I did what I was told. I sat there on that dumb hamper while she finished her chores. My sleeping attire tangled around my ankles. It was still darker than a well diggers ass, she finished, opened the door and left closing the door behind her. I remember thinking I was in the most trouble of my entire young life. Expecting the wrath of God, I waited for my life to end. Nothing happened. It was too dark, and I was scared half out of my wits. I didn't get a good look at the young lady. She, whom ever she was, did nothing. At seven years of age, the memory of that event has been lodged in my mind like no other. I have only told this story to my late wife. It kept the memory to myself. I did not tell Les. Not Anyone but my chuckling wife. I guess now if that episode were to repeat itself, there would erupt a mob of black clothed malcontents screaming for a lynching. A journey without lights, I had made the trip dozens of times. I have remembered that incident now for seventy-five years. It probably was the initial phase of some kind of Juvenile Stress Syndrome. I have never been able to reconcile the experience. Across from the bathroom was another door, the linen closet, which held folded and ironed clean sheets for the rental girls. High above the sheets were several extra blankets for the girls to use if cold nights caused freezing of their collective buns. The only blanket Les and I could reach was this great big fuzzy one, green in color at the bottom of the stack. The day started with Les interrupting my sleep. He was talking fast and saying there was an emergency on the front porch above the dining room window and I was to get up and help him get the big green blanket. 041b061a72


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