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Isaiah Bennett
Isaiah Bennett

Null's Clash: How to Download and Install the Latest Version

Last week in South America, violence decreased compared to the week prior, while demonstrations increased. In Brazil, violence increased in Pará state amid clashes between organized crime groups and state forces. At the same time, violence continued unabated in Bahia state as drug trafficking groups attacked civilians and clashed with state forces. In Venezuela, a referendum process to recall President Nicolás Maduro failed. Meanwhile, fighting among dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the National Liberation Army (ELN), and Venezuelan state forces near the Colombian border continued unabated in Apure and Táchira states. Finally, in Colombia, fighting continued in the border state of Norte de Santander, while civilians continued to be targeted in the Arauca department.

Last week in Africa, Al Shabaab launched multiple attacks on state and international forces, as outgoing United States (US) President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of American soldiers from Somalia; state forces clashed with Al-Qaeda militants in Algeria; and police continued to suppress opposition campaigns for the January elections in Uganda.

null clash of clans

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In South Sudan, three days of inter-clan violence prompted the displacement of hundreds of civilians in Central Equatoria state. The fighting between members of the Kobura and Nyangwara clans, within the Mundari ethnic group, was reported within Juba county, at Kworjik and in the Kaprui area. In neighboring Terekeka county, Mundari cattle raiders attacked an Aliab Dinka cattle camp in Tindalo payam, leaving several dead.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when - if - they meet up again at Manchester United's training ground following Wayne Rooney's dismissal after his clubmate's appeal to the referee during England's quarter-final clash with Portugal in the World Cup. As former England forward Alan Shearer put it: "I think there is every chance that Wayne Rooney could go back to the Manchester United training ground and stick one on Ronaldo." His tone was not exactly disapproving.

At least that it is what Girolamo Cardano, a gambler who was a friend of Da Vinci, found when he published a solution discovered by Niccolo Tartaglia. The mathematicians collaborated together in 16th-century Italy. Cardano persuaded Tartaglia to give him the solution to an equation on the condition that he would not publish it until Tartaglia had gained credit. But the formula was discovered by someone else, so Cardano considered the deal null and published. When Cardano fell foul of the Spanish Inquisition, his clan claimed that the clerics had been tipped off by his old rival Tartaglia.


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